More than just a workshop, it's a community

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Complete Your Arsenal 

Our workshop participants hone cutting-edge business skills like branding, pitching, investing, and more. Participants leave our workshops armed with new tools that are vital to their success as businessmen, leaders, and innovators.

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Make Your Identity an Asset

We champion male entrepreneurs of color and empower them to be successful business leaders. We weave reflective identity exploration into every facet of our workshops, and help participants leverage their identities as a competitive advantage. 

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Learn From Industry Titans 

We believe that every successful entrepreneur has had help. That's why we make mentoring a crucial part of every workshop. Our expert coaches help participants attack hurdles and take their businesses to the next level. 

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Join the Family 

We are committed to building a vibrant community of colleagues, mentors, collaborators, and friends ready to support one another in their endeavors. Our workshops foster dynamic relationships between participants new and old, and we are always looking to welcome new members to the Global Eye family.  

  • I feel like I connected to a strong brotherhood that I will more than likely hold on to for years to come.
    — Andre Walker, Levitation Entertainment
  • A better sense of self. The idea I can be whoever going forward.
    — Scott Leonard, (Business Name)
  • I learned a lot about collaborating and dealing with my doubt the most.”
    — Luis Venegas
  • There are a lot of ethnic males looking to take their business to the next level like me. And now having made the connections has been this most impactful in just being able to call and bounce things off of other brothers.”
    — Janoffery Oran Clark, The Janoffery Brand