We champion male entrepreneurs of color, connecting them to world-class resources and networks to accelerate their businesses.

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At Global Eye Entrepreneurs, we believe that cultural, racial, and gender identity

is an important part of how we experience the world and how the world

perceives us. That's why we're dedicated to exploring identity in every aspect of

what we do. 

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Tailored for male entrepreneurs of color, our workshops help you overcome

personal barriers, sharpen business techniques, and kick your business into high

gear. Our intensive programs focus on your holistic growth— accelerating your

personal leadership and business at the same time.


Our social media and web platforms celebrate the narratives of male

entrepreneurs of color. Our online community shares and highlights stories of

 men of color that inspire future leaders and change the narrative of

entrepreneurship in the United States.

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Our experienced mentors, facilitators and Board of Advisors support

entrepreneurs through coaching, guidance and powerful connections in the

business community.