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About the Founder

Gamal Palmer, grew up in West Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, a neighborhood characterized by a degree of racial and religious diversity that was uncommon in the 1990’s. Palmer’s parents were advocates for social change: his mother was part of starting one of the first needle exchange programs in the country and his father was a civil rights activist. Early in his youth, he became enthralled by theater and the power of storytelling, particularly within the context of exploring identity and its overlapping elements. His advocacy started early: he had his first paying theater job in 8th grade, working in prisons, and in high school, he created a theater-style workshop at a mental health facility and many other social impact projects along the way. 

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As a graduate student at the Yale School of Drama, Gamal continued to explore his passion for advocacy and community engagement. During this time, he developed graduate level programs, such as “Arts in Action: Theater and Public Health in Swaziland and South Africa” (in partnership with the School of Public Health) and “The Quest for Social Justice through Music, Theater, and Religion in Tanzania” (a joint program between the Yale Schools of Drama and Divinity). As part of these courses students traveled to both urban and rural African communities to initiate, facilitate, and encourage dialogue around socio-political challenges (such as unsupervised children, Christian/Muslim conflict resolution, HIV/AIDS devastation, abuse in the education system etc.). These ventures led to the Dean of the School of Drama recognizing him for his leadership abilities by offering him a Post-Graduate Associate Position, through which he took MBA courses at the Yale School of Management.

Gamal’s experiences at Yale, while abroad, and throughout his lifetime combined with his passion for theater led him to start Global Eye Entrepreneurs. His passion for social impact entrepreneurship, along with his perspectives informed by his international experiences have contributed to Global Eye’s authenticity and relevance. After many years of planning and coordination, Gamal was able to set his vision into action, founding Global Eye and hosting the inaugural workshop in 2016.